Supporting today's high expectation environment

CI Technologies is the leading provider of Professional Standards software. Worldwide.


Public safety today operates in an environment of high expectations as never before, with best practices and proactive approaches fast becoming the norm across organizations of all sizes.

IAPro - Leading Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Software

Leading Professional Standards Solution

Built using the latest, and most secure frameworks and technologies, IAPro NextGen joins BlueTeam, EIPro and MakeNote on CI Technologies' next-generation software application platform

BlueTeam - Supporting the frontline

Supporting the Frontline

Used by 835+ public safety agencies in 4 countries, BlueTeam is the premier platform in support of frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability.

EIPro - Real time Early Intervention

Real-time Early Intervention

Designed for use by front-line supervisory, command and analytical staff, EIPro surfaces out-of-standard indicators relevant to the organizational areas under their purview. The core of EIPro is an advanced, real-time peer group analysis engine.

MakeNote - Supervisory notes and performance appraisals

Digital Performance Management

A state-of-the-art solution for supervisory note-taking and performance evaluation.

IAPro - Leading Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Software
IAPro Logo

IAPro is full-featured software that's been designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of internal affairs and professional standards units.

  • Complaints Management
  • Early Intervention
  • Advanced statistical and ad-hoc reporting
  • Robust access and security controls
  • Meets accreditation requirements
BlueTeam - Supporting the Frontline
BlueTeam Logo Dark Activity Stream

Used by 850+ public safety agencies, BlueTeam is the premier platform in support of Frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability.

  • Consistent documentation
  • Key processes streamlined
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Early intervention program support
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EIPro Devices
EIPro Logo

EIPro enables quick access and drill-down of the employees under a supervisor's purview aided by visual indicators of areas of potential concern. EIPro can help identify potential individual or group concerns at the earliest possible stage so that intervention and support can be offered in an effort to re-direct performance and behaviors toward organizational goals.

  • Real-time data analytics
  • Deeper insight via incident snapshots
  • Configurable assignment level filters
  • Peer group analysis
  • Secured access control and audit logging
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MakeNOTE screenshot
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Documenting observations of employee performance is a key aspect of maintaining a skilled and engaged workforce. MakeNOTE provides a unified repository for notes written to document observations of employee performance and conduct.

  • Transparency between employees and supervisors
  • Custom retention period
  • Performance evaluations
  • HR data integration
  • Secured access control and audit logging

Customer Support and Services

User Conferences

Our annual IAPro users conferences covering all aspects of our solution are a great learning and feedback opportunity for customers and Company staff.

Training Seminars

Our popular 2-day, deep-dive training seminars are held at locations around the US and Canada.


Online IAPro and BlueTeam webinars are offered on a continuing basis, with over 100 held in 2020 and 2021.

Data integration

Sourcing data from HR, RMS, CAD/Dispatch and other systems provides customers with a more informative and accurate analysis of their organization

Technical Support

Our support doesn't end at installation. Our team of usage and technical support staff are highly available to assist customers with any assistance they may require

Data migration

Don’t leave years of valuable data behind! We take on the task of converting data collected on older systems to IAPro format, so you can move forward with confidence